Ford Fusion Won’t Start Anti-Theft: Causes and Fixes

The Ford Fusion is one strong and secure ride that everyone looking for safety in their vehicles will want to own. Sometimes, the anti-theft system in the vehicle might decide to act up – which can become very troublesome to the mind of a security-conscious owner. One or more technical problems might be the reason you are currently facing troubles with your anti-theft system.

This post will highlight the major reasons the anti-theft system in your Ford Fusion refuses to start. Additionally, it will highlight how-to-fix methods and techniques in the latter part.

ford fusion wont start anti theft

Ford Fusion won’t Start Anti-Theft: Possible Causes

Your Ford Fusion might currently be facing issues with the anti-theft system. Note that there are several reasons why the anti-theft system may not function and operate well. A few times, the fault can be a manufacturer’s error (which you can take back for fixing). At other times, the cause of this problem is due to the driver’s negligence. Regardless, here are some common causes of your Ford Fusion’s anti-theft failure.

A dead battery

A lot of the car’s function is operated with the availability of a sufficient battery under the hood. If your car battery is bad, your car will not start, your radio set will not work, interior lighting will fail to turn on, and finally, the anti-theft system. The battery of your car is the powerhouse of some modern innovative ideas in cars today.

When your Ford Fusion battery is low or dead, the anti-theft system can malfunction and will eventually stop working. The battery helps to power the working operation of receiving a signal from the transponder and the alarm system that will trigger the alarm when intruders attempt to access the vehicle. This is one of the leading causes of a failed start in the anti-theft setup of your Ford Fusion.

Low or dead key fob battery

If you have checked the battery in the car and find it good enough to power your vehicle, you can turn your attention to the Ford Fusion’s key fob. The key fob is an accessory activator of the anti-theft system, and damages or theft will cause problems. Problems with the key fob are rare except it is battery related.

However, key fob issues linked to your battery will cause your anti-theft system to be halted. Consistent use of your key fob will drain up the battery (although it would take a long time). When the battery becomes too low or dead, the anti-theft system begins to malfunction. Key fob damage is another problem that can cause issues with the anti-theft system.

Protect your key fob from high falls. If it falls and gets damaged, the entire component on its inside will be tempered with, causing malfunction. If the battery in the Ford Fusion’s key fob is not correctly fixed, its entire key features will be affected.

Damaged immobilizer chip

This cause relates to the key fob but not in terms of the battery. The immobilizer chip is an anti-theft system that works with the built-in ECU engine. It prevents the Ford Fusion’s engine from starting without the use of the vehicle’s authorized key. There is an invisible transfer of codes between the key fob and the car (inside and outside the car).

Once this chip is damaged or faulty, the anti-theft system is at risk. Failure to start is certain in your Ford Fusion. This change to the immobilizer chip can be caused by some high impact to the key fob (e.g., high falls). If the key fob is immersed in water, the chip is put at risk due to its unavailable waterproof feature. This will cause multiple failures until fixed or resolved.

Your car door is damaged

The idea of the anti-theft system in your Ford Fusion is to protect your car against theft. The car’s doors do not only protect the driver from external forces while driving, but it also acts as a protection against thieves. For this reason, when installing or using your factory-installed anti-theft, your Fusion doors must be functional.

Damages to the car’s doors or cylinder will result in functioning problems with the anti-theft system. Damaged doors will sometimes not completely close or will be unresponsive. Causes of damaged doors are traceable to high impact on the door (e.g., accidents). The door might become unable to receive information from the anti-theft system, which will affect the entire protection system of the car.

Wrong key

This might sound like an obvious cause, but people can mix up their car keys with someone else’s. If you have previously disabled the anti-theft and alarm system, restarting with a different key is impossible. Every Ford Fusion is specific to its key fob. So, if you bring a different one close to the car with attempts to restart the system, it will not work.

Ford Fusion won’t Start Anti-Theft: How to fix

Trying to fix common problems associated with car usage is very normal. For the drivers or car owners in desperate need of car protection, the anti-theft system needs to be operational. This section of this post will highlight ways to fix your anti-theft.

  1. Check your car battery. If the battery is dead or drains quickly, it will affect its use. Refill the battery if empty.
  2. Replace your key fob battery if the remote begins to fail.
  3. If the key battery is not aligned properly, initiating the anti-theft system is hard.
  4. For a damaged car door, visit a body frame and electrical expert for assistance.
  5. Visit a technician for thorough fixes.

Anti-theft problems are highly frustrating, especially when your car is packed in dangerous areas. However, you are in luck. Anti-theft problems are easy to find and are easy to resolve, unlike ignition and other mechanical problems.