Changing the oil in the Ford Focus 3 engine. 1.6 l., 125 h.p. – Step-by-step instructions

Oil changes in the Ford Focus 3 must be done regularly following the manufacturer’s technical recommendations. Doing this yourself is not at all difficult, and we will be happy to tell you how.

First, choose the right consumables that will not harm the health of your swallow.
The manufacturer recommends changing the oil every 15,000 km. Considering the difficult operating conditions of a car in our country, your car will definitely not be “offended” if you replace it every 10,000 km.

The 1.6 liter engine for Focus III is suitable for two types of oil:
5W20 – Ford WSS-M2C948-B is considered winter
5W30 – Ford WSS-M2C913-D is all-season
Taking into account the filter volume, you will need 4.1 liters.

For the 1.6 Duratec we use the same oil filter as for the 2-liter version, and for the 1.6 Ecobust Sigma Gtdi engine, Ford filter article number 188 30 37. Analogs: Mann Filter W 7015, Patron PF4134, etc.
For a quick and high-quality replacement, it is necessary to warm up the engine so that the oil acquires sufficient fluidity. Initially, open the filler cap and pull out the oil dipstick – this will allow the oil to drain better due to the lack of vacuum in the crankcase.

To change the oil in the Ford Focus 3 engine, you need to remove the oil pan protection (crankcase protection), for which you need to unscrew 8 screws using a Torx T-30 sprocket head (star).
After removing the panel, place a container of sufficient volume into which the used oil will be drained.
After which it is recommended to loosen the drain cap with a 15mm wrench. Do not rush to unscrew it completely, do not forget that the oil in a warm engine is hot!

After you have prepared mentally and technically (you have already placed the container), unscrew the drain bolt, being careful not to burn your hands. When the oil stops draining, do not forget to tighten the drain bolt after installing a new gasket. In this case, a torque wrench with a torque of 27 Nm will not hurt.

After the operation is completed, it is necessary to replace the oil filter. Place the waste container underneath it. Yes, the bulk of the oil has already drained, but there is always waste left in the filter and it will also leak.
Before installing a new filter, lubricate the rubber seal with new oil (this will prevent the filter from sticking during operation).

The new filter is screwed in by hand; after the filter rubber comes into contact with the metal of the crankcase, tighten it a third to a quarter of a turn. This does not require much effort; do not forget that the sealing rubber must not be damaged.

Once you are sure that the drain bolt and oil filter are tightened properly, you can fill the engine with oil.
Do not try to fill the entire intended volume at once. Ideally, it is better to underfill a little, close the filler neck and install the oil dipstick, then start the engine and let it run for a while.
After you turn off the engine, take a smoke break for about ten minutes, during which time the oil will drain into the oil pan and you can determine its volume using a dipstick.

Ideally, the oil volume should be between the measurement marks, approaching the upper limit.
After changing the oil on petrol and diesel engines, the notification on the car’s dashboard is reset. To reset your data yourself:
– Turn on the ignition
– Press the gas and brake and hold them for 5 seconds.
– The system will display the message: Service: Oil reset in prog.
– Hold both pedals for another 25 seconds.
– The message appears: Service: Oil reset complete.

Thus, any human with minimal technical skills can change the oil in the engine of his Ford Focus 3!

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