Ford Focus Won’t Start (No Clicking): Common Causes and Fixes

You are not alone if you have been experiencing ignition problems with your Ford Focus. Many Ford cars refuse to start or even give a clicking sound when you turn the key in the ignition, but the solution is not far-fetched.

Most of the factors responsible for your car’s failure to start can be fixed easily, and you are just about to learn how. This article will highlight both the common and rare cases when your Ford Focus refuses to start (with no clicks). The article will also provide you with the necessary solutions as well as the tips and tricks to keep your vehicle responsive at all times.

ford focus wont start

Common Reasons Your Ford Focus Won’t Start

As it is with other brands or models of automobiles, there are several reasons why your Ford Focus would not start. These factors are similar to what is experienced with other Ford models or other car brands, making it an easy-fix in any mechanic garage. Let’s see some of the reasons why your Ford Focus wouldn’t start:

1. The starter system

The starting system of your Ford Focus might be malfunctioning or blocked. This particular cause will hinder your Ford Focus from starting. Oftentimes, the pinion gear located on the starter might no longer be engaging the engine or turning it over. A different case with the starting system might be a failed or loose wiring from the battery under the hood to the starter solenoid and the starter proper.

If the problem is in the starter system, the flywheel of the Ford Focus will easily turn. However, if the flywheel does not or is difficult to turn, the obvious problem is mechanical. This causes your vehicle to be dormant with no-start or lack of clicks. Other times, your starter might be bad and will require replacement. If you do not have the right skill for replacement, visit a Ford expert for assistance.

2. Battery problem

One of the most common causes associated with a failed start in any automobile can be traced to the battery powering the motor engine. The battery in your Ford Focus is the electrical force behind all the major operations of the car. The battery in your Focus could be damaged, low, or empty (which is rare).

The cables connecting the battery to the rest of the car could be corroded or loose. If the negative and positive points are not in sync or in contact with the wiring, power from the battery will not be able to supply the vehicle.

The battery acid level could be on the low side as well, which is required by the Focus’s battery for power. The power supply from the battery can be checked using a voltmeter. Set your meter to about 20V range; if you get close to 12.5V, you are good to go –  anything lower is a weak power supply.

This is practically almost the same thing with the battery. It is one of the primary driving forces in the ignition process of your vehicle. Your Ford Focus will not start if there are problems with the fuel – the fuel supply, or the fuel mixing with other components required to start the car. During normal circumstances, this problem is an easy fix. It can be settled by refueling the tank of the Focus.

Experiencing fuel problems is not as challenging as having mechanical problems. But, it can be severe if not fixed immediately. The common cause of fuel issues are shortages – your fuel tank is probably empty. The other cause relating to fuel will be the injector and pump.

Your Ford Focus requires a specific type of pressure to be applied during fuel supply. Once there is an alteration with this, the Focus will struggle to start or not start at all. The final problem with fuel is due to leakage or poor fuel quality. The channeling pipe may be damaged or clogged; you must inspect it properly or call a professional for assistance.

4. Spark plug

Spark plug problems are mostly mechanical problems which are very technical. The spark plug might be faulty, or the plug might be wrongly contacting. When the spark plug in your Ford Focus cannot generate a spark on the mixing components at the precise moment, your vehicle will not start. This type of fault is caused by prolonged usage or a manufacturer’s error.

If you own a spark tester, use it to test the spark plug wire. Sometimes the cause of poor contact could be built-up debris on its body surface. However, some other time, the spark plug might have outlived its efficiency.

How to Fix Your Ford Focus If It Won’t Start

If you are experiencing car starting trouble with your Ford Focus, you are about to obtain the help you require. This part of the article will be reviewing the best ways to resolve starting issues with your Ford Focus.

  • Check that the wires are well connected to the battery.
  • If the battery in your Ford Focus is low, you will need to charge it up.
  • For damaged or spoilt batteries, a new battery is required. Visit a technician for assistance in purchasing a new one.
  • Check for corrosion on the battery cables. Clean the terminals with 1tablespoonful of baking soda mixed with about 8 oz. of water, then brush.
  • Low battery acid? Add battery acid or distilled water or visit an engineer.

Spark plug

  • Clean the spark plug to remove any debris on it.
  • Use a spark tester to test the wire.
  • Ensure it contacts properly.

Fuel problem

  • Fill up your tank if it is empty.
  • Check the channeling pipe for leakage.
  • Visit a garage for fuel injector or pump inspection.

Car troubles can be a real pain in the neck, considering how much was spent acquiring the vehicle. However, some of these problems appear bigger than they really are and can be fixed by almost anyone with the right tips.

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