Ford Expedition Won’t Start Anti-theft: How to Fix

Ford Expedition owners tend to experience a few technical issues with the model. One of such common problems is the failure of the anti-theft system to trigger off when required.

If the anti-theft system in your Ford Expedition fails to start, some components in the security set-up might be responsible. This article centers on ways to fix your Ford Expedition anti-theft system that refuses to start.

ford expedition wont start anti theft

How to Fix The Ford Expedition’s Anti-Theft System

Now you know that the security system of your Ford Expedition is compromised. The next step is to figure out a way to improve the working components of the vehicle. This section highlights the best ways to overcome anti-theft system failure in your Ford Expedition.

1. Check the car’s battery

The battery of your Ford Expedition and any other automobile is the main supply of electrical power to your vehicle. Without the battery, there are varieties of functions that will fail to operate. The anti-theft system that acts to protect your vehicle from theft and vandalism works with the battery under the hood.

If the failure of the anti-theft system is related to battery functions, the Expedition’s battery might be too low to generate enough power to receive and use signals obtained from the transponder chip. The battery might also be dead or bad, which will lead to signal failure between the transponder chip and the car. A dead or low car battery cannot power the ignition signal to receive the transponder’s code, neither can its surrounding sensors work.

The best way to fix the car battery problem is by charging it if it is low. However, if the battery is dead and can not function or retain power in its cells, purchasing a new one is in your best interest. Regardless, the problem might not be with the car battery, so run a diagnosis first before attempting any of these fix methods on the car battery.

2. Check the key fob’s battery

The key fob’s battery works exactly like the battery under the hood of the Ford Expedition. It powers the motor and transponder chip, which transfers a signal to the Ford Expedition to either unlock, lock, start, or turn off the car’s features. The difference between both batteries has to do with the size and what it controls. The key fob’s battery is smaller than the one under the hood, and it controls a smaller part (the key), while the other controls the entire car’s electrical system.

The cause of the key fob’s problem could be a low or bad battery. In this case, the cells in the battery are unable to power the transponder chip. In some instances, the key fob might have dropped to the ground, damaging the working components, or displacing the battery on the inside of the key. However, the fall would have to be great or consistent to cause such an effect.

The way to fix issues relating to the key fob’s battery will be by replacement. The key fob’s battery is not one that is rechargeable (most of the time). Visit a car dealer’s shop or repair shop for a new key fob battery. If the fault is in some other components, fixing will have to be by an approved Ford technician or professional car mechanic.

3. Check the transponder chip

A damaged transponder chip prevents your car from running the features of the anti-theft system. The car might have several features, but with a damaged transponder chip, signals cannot be sent to the Ford Expedition to work the anti-theft system. A transponder chip is a small board of circuits inside of a key fob. It is the major component of the anti-theft system, it also controls several other car features.

The best way to fix problems relating to the key fob’s transponder chip is by taking it over to Ford or any professional car dealer that understands Ford’s operations. However, you must understand that doing this will cost you some amount of money. Basically, the more expensive the car is, the higher the cost of repairing or replacing the fob.

4. Check the immobilizer system

The next to blame is the vehicle’s immobilizer system if every other possible cause is ruled out. The immobilizer system acts as a receiver of signals from the transponder chip. Many times, the fault might not be with the immobilizer itself, but the wires connected to it. It will cause the engine control unit or its sensors to malfunction or become faulty.

The “how to fix” part of the anti-theft system problem should be referred to technical experts. Take your car to a professional garage (preferably Ford’s garage) for assistance. If it is a manufacturer’s error, you won’t be charged; however, if it is not, you will be charged for it. Most of the time, the price may be average.

After diagnosing what the problem is with your Ford Expedition, the next step is to fix it yourself or get professional help from technical experts.