Ford Escape Information Display Not Working: Causes & Fixes

If your Ford Escape Information suddenly stops working, it could be due to something as simple as a technical glitch and should be easy to fix. However, it could also be a sign of something more serious that would cost you some extra cash to fix.

There are not very many reasons why your Ford Escape Information Display would fail and there are just a few ways to fix such a problem. However, the simplest fixes almost always work and would only take a few seconds to apply.

Ford Escape Information Display Not Working

Ford Escape Information Display Not Working: Possible Causes

Technical glitches

A simple technical glitch could cause the touch screen to hang or stop working. This is usually the easiest to fix and won’t require you to spend anything.

A faulty touchscreen

In some cases, the problem could be due to a faulty touchscreen. This is possible if you’re not the best at maintaining such things. Spilling liquids, dropping things on the screen, and any other form of abuse could easily render it useless quite fast.

Ford Escape Information Display Problems: How to Fix

1. Reset the system

This is one of the most common fixes and it would get the system working if the damage or problem isn’t too serious. Resetting the system would require you to press down two buttons on the car control system.

To reset the system:

  • Press and hold the power button and the forward button
  • Hold both buttons down for 15 seconds
  • The screen would go blank and then come up.
  • With that, you should be able to get your Ford Touch Screen working.

2. Turn the car off and then on

If none of the buttons are working, the easiest way to fix such issues is to turn the car system on and off. This would help to clear any glitches or error messages that are preventing the screen from working as it normally should.

This is also the best the next best fix you can handle yourself if the car buttons won’t work.  In some cases, you would be dealing with more than a screen issue but also your buttons, would freeze and become unresponsive.

By simply turning the car on and off for a few minutes, you might be able to fix this problem. To get this to work, you would need to keep it off for about 5 minutes. This fix might not work in all cases but if it’s a simple glitch that’s the problem, then it should get the screen working as normal.

3. Have the touchscreen repaired

There is a pretty good chance that the touchscreen itself would need to be checked out. This is the most reasonable thing to do if the problem keeps coming back after a few fixes. You should take the touchscreen to a mechanic and have him/her check it out. He might reset the system first, or go ahead to remove the screen from the car panel and try it out.

In some cases, a simple repair could get the issue solved, in other cases, you might have to get a replacement.

Final Thoughts

There is only a slim chance that you would need to replace the touchscreen or have it fixed but that doesn’t mean that it should be ruled out. You might want to perform the reset twice if it doesn’t work the first time. If you’re going to turn the car on and off, ensure that you wait a while to give the system time to clear the error and glitches so you can have the device working as good as new.

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