Ford Escape Back Hatch Not Opening: Causes & Fixes

The Ford Escape comes with an automatic locking system that operates the SUV’s rear hatch. While this was designed to help you easily open and close the rear hatch or liftgate, sometimes getting this done would require a lot more effort.

If you noticed that your liftgate, tailgate, or rear hatch isn’t opening or closing properly, then you need to check it and get it fixed. Since the back hatch is part of an automatic system, there could be problems with the wiring or probably it is a mechanical issue that just requires you to change a component.

Whatever the problem and fix need, you should be able to find it in this guide.

ford escape back hatch not opening

Ford Escape Back Hatch Not Opening: Most Likely Cause

A damaged latch is the most common cause of rear hatch problems in Ford Escape vehicles. If you notice this problem, then you would have to save up for the costs of a replacement.

How to Fix a Ford Escape Back Hatch That Won’t Open

Replace the Latch System

If your rear hatch gets stuck more often than not, then you need to replace the hatch system. This won’t cost much to purchase and would take about 20 minutes to fix.

You don’t have to get a professional to do it but if you’re not comfortable with taking apart your vehicle on your own, then you should leave it in better hands.

To get started…

  • You need to get the rear hatch open. To do this, open the rear glass to access the rear hatch manually.
  • Push out the top cover of the rear glass hatch system. A simple push is all you need and it would pop right out.
  • Push it out and pop out the holders on every side. This should give you enough access to the latch at the bottom.
  • To open the latch this way, you would need some light to see the latch.
  • The latch system has a lever controlled by a motor. The lever is meant to release the latch when pressed, however, you would notice that it doesn’t work because it is stuck in one position.
  • You need to reach into the space provided and pull up on the lever and the rear latch would come open with ease.
  • In some cases, this won’t work. The motor might be burned out and the lever won’t move or release the latch. To remedy this, get a screwdriver and place it in between the lever and another sturdy part of the latch system. Then pop out the lever. This should release the rear latch and let you fix the faulty system.
  • Once open, you need to take out the cover around the latch system.
  • You will need a T25 screw to proceed from here.
  • The latch system is held in place by three screws at the back and two plugs on the top of it.
  • Take out the three screws carefully. In doing so, the faulty latch would fall out so you should stand at a safe distance or have someone at the ready to catch it.
  • Replace the faulty latch with the new one and put the screws and plugs back on.
  • You can go ahead and place the cover and shut the vehicle.
  • Test the latch to see if it works. If the new latch system is genuine, it should come open without much hassle.

Final Thoughts

This is one of the easiest fixes and won’t take too much of your time. You should be done in about an hour even if you’re basically new to vehicle problems. However, you should have someone with a bit of knowledge by your side so you don’t cause any more damage to the latch system or any part of the vehicle at any point of the repair.