Chevy Silverado USB Port Not Working: Causes & Fixes

We are in a tech-driven age and most car manufacturers are moving with the trends as much as possible. More recent versions of the Chevy Silverado come with USB ports. These ports help the user to enjoy both data transfer and charging of devices.

However, the USB port in your Chevy Silverado may fail, just like any of its other components. This can be quite frustrating, especially when this occurs out of the blues. You must be wondering why this has happened and how you can fix it.

This is why we wrote this article. We will explain the common reasons why your Chevy Silverado USB port is not working. Also, we will proffer solutions to the possible problems.

chevy silverado usb port not working

Chevy Silverado USB Port Not Working: Possible Causes and How to Fix

Once upon a time, we could take our phones from our houses. Today, we have the most sophisticated smartphones and devices that we can even connect them to our cars. There are several ways to connect your devices to your car such as AUX, Bluetooth, and USB ports.

The good thing about the USB port is that it performs more than one function. It doesn’t just charge your smartphone, in most cars, it acts as a data transfer spot. This means that you can listen to your favorite playlist while driving by simply connecting your smartphone to this port.

You just noticed that your Silverado USB port is no longer working and you are wondering why. There are several reasons why the USB ports in your car will stop working. It is impossible to enumerate all the reasons since some of them are peculiar to the car. However, we will discuss the most common reasons behind this problem and how to fix each one.

Switch is off

The USB port is an electrical component of your car and it needs electrical current to work. If the car switch is off, then there will be no power supply to the USB port. As a result, the port will not work.

Interestingly, you don’t have to turn the car on before you get power to the USB port. Just turning the key in the ignition to get the lights on the dashboard working will do the trick. However, in this case, the USB port will be drawing the needed current from the car battery, not the alternator.

Try turning the key in the ignition and checking if the USB port is now working. If it doesn’t work, turn on the car and check again. It should work this time. If it doesn’t, then you have a more complex issue on your hands.

Fuse problems

The next culprit to check is the fuse associated with the USB port. Every electrical component in your car has an associated fuse. The fuse is very important to these components as it protects them from damage. Damage could come as a result of bad electrical connections or power surges to mention a few.

Instead of the electrical component getting blown by the electrical issue, the fuse takes the fall. How do you know that you are having a fuse problem? You need to first locate the fuse associated with the USB port of your Silverado. Check the fuse box located just beneath the dashboard on the driver’s side.

Once you open the box, look under the lid to check the fuse map. The map tells you the location of the associated fuse. Now, check if the fuse is dislodged first. If it is, you just need to position it properly and the port will start working again. A quick visual evaluation will tell if the fuse is blown or not.

Check the fuse for discoloration or broken metal wire. If this is the case, you just need to change the fuse to get the USB port working again. Note that when the fuse keeps on blowing, there is an underlying electrical problem that you should fix.

Foreign bodies

Another possible reason why the USB port in your Chevy Silverado is not working is foreign bodies. You must be wondering how this is possible. Well, the USB port is an opening that has a contact point on the other end.

Sometimes, small objects get into the USB port and stand between your USB cable and the contact point. Once this occurs, the cable cannot make the required contact and it comes across as the port not working. USB ports that are positioned vertically are more prone to this issue.

Flashing a light into the port will help you find the object. Try taking it out but make sure that you are careful not to damage the port. Sometimes, the foreign bodies inside the port could be dirt, dust, or corrosion. Cleaning out the port will also help to fix the problem.

Wiring issues

As we mentioned earlier, the USB port is a part of a complex electrical circuit. This means that it is connected by wires and there is a possibility of the wires failing. Wire failure can come as a result of disconnection or wear and tear. In the latter case, the wires can be broken or peeled, and unearthed.

Your best bet when you have wiring issues is to reach out to a professional. It is far easier for them to trace the associated wires than it is for a novice. They should reconnect any disconnected wires and fix the broken wires. Sometimes, they need to change some wires to get the USB port working again.

Bad cable

If you are connecting your device using a USB cable, the cable may be bad. You can certify this by connecting the device with another USB cable. If the port works this time, then you need to change the initial cable.

Blown USB port

After trying all the solutions above, if the port still doesn’t work, it may be blown. You can check this by testing the connection with a voltmeter to see if it is receiving an electrical current. Again, you may need the help of a mechanic here. If the port is blown, you need to replace it.


Now you know why your Chevy Silverado USB port is not working. We have also provided you some solutions to the problem. If you’re still unable to find the fix after trying all the tips shared in this post, consult an auto expert.