Chevy Silverado Speedometer Not Working: How to Fix

The speedometer is a very important component of your car. Without it, you wouldn’t have an idea how fast you are going. This means that you could be at risk of a ticket or even an accident.

Because of this, you need to take swift action when your Chevy Silverado Speedometer is not working. The question that begs an answer here is, “Why is my Chevy Silverado speedometer not working?” Answering this question helps you to figure out how to solve the problem. This is exactly why we wrote this post, to help you fix your faulty speedometer.

chevy silverado speedometer not working

Chevy Silverado Speedometer Not Working: Possible Causes and How to Fix

Most of us don’t realize how important the speedometer is until it starts to fail. There are so many reasons why this component may stop working. The reasons could be mechanical or electrical. In this section, we will consider the most common causes of this problem. We will then go ahead to proffer simple solutions to the different causes.

VSS Circuit Malfunction

VSS is an acronym for Vehicle Speed Sensor. This component is integral to the optimal function of your Chevy Silverado speedometer. In fact, it is the major reason behind faulty speedometers. The good news is that changing the VSS is not an expensive project. Also, they are very easy to find and replace.

The speedometer gathers information from your car’s Vehicle Speed Sensor. It then transmits this information to the ECU. After this, the ECU provides the speed reading to the speedometer on the instrument cluster.

Asides from controlling the speedometer, the vehicle speed sensor also controls your car’s cruise control feature. This component also controls the way the car engine runs. As a result, if the speed sensor isn’t functioning properly, the car may have issues moving when at high speeds.

How do you know that you have a VSS circuit malfunction? You can decipher this with the help of an electronic scanner. What if a scanner is unavailable? Then you should take it to your mechanic or the local dealership for rectification.

Wiring issues

You cannot separate the speedometer from wiring issues because it is an electronic component. As such, wiring issues are among the top reasons why the speedometer in your Chevy Silverado stopped working.

Sometimes, it is a case of exposed wiring, especially the wires from or to the vehicle speed sensor. If the wires are damaged or disconnected, then the speedometer cannot get readings from the VSS. This means that it will stop functioning. The same goes for when you have an earth problem.

Wiring problems mostly come up after you have driven your truck through heavy water or uneven terrain. Tracing the bad wires will be very difficult if you are a novice. This is why we suggest that you should take the car to your mechanic or the local dealership to be checked. If it is a wiring problem, they will either change the wires or cover the broken parts with some tape. It is always best to fix the problem once and for all.

Fuse issues

Every electrical circuit in your car is controlled by a fuse, including the speedometer. What this means is that without a fuse in its right condition, the associated component will not work. Here’s a brief explanation of how the fuse works with your speedometer system.

The fuse helps to protect the electronic components of your car from electrical issues or power surges. As a result of this, the fuse could get blown if any of these situations occur. This way, the fuse gets damaged instead of the speedometer.

In some cases, the fuse may not be bad. It is just that it has been dislodged from its original position. To locate the fuse associated with the speedometer, check beneath the dashboard on the driver’s side. Once you open the fuse box, check under the lid to see the location of the associated fuse on the fuse map.

After locating the fuse, first, check to see that it is in the right position. If it is dislodged, remove it and fix it back. Now, check if the speedometer is working or not. If it is not working, visually evaluate the fuse to see if it is damaged. You should see a discoloration inside the fuse and a broken wire. Also, you can test the fuse with a voltmeter. Replace the fuse if it is broken and the speedometer should start working well.


This stands for the Engine Control Unit. We have described earlier how this unit works with the VSS to transmit information to the speedometer. The ECU gathers all the information from the different sensors in your car. It then transmits translated data to the different parts.

In the case of the speedometer, the ECU transmits the message to the speedometer through the instrument cluster. Sometimes, the ECU malfunctions and this is due to several reasons. When this occurs, this component is unable to send the necessary information to the instrument cluster.

An easy way to find out if this is the problem is to use an electronic car scanner. Most times, the problem is wiring-related. The ECU rarely gets damaged. If it is damaged, then you have to replace it. Your best bet is to reach out to your mechanic or the local dealership.

Speedometer problems

This is the final possible cause behind your Chevy Silverado speedometer not working. It is simple, if you have tried everything else to no avail, the speedometer may be damaged. However, the speedometer hardly ever stops working on its own.

How do you know that the speedometer is bad? The first thing you will notice is that all the other gauges will work except the speedometer. If all the gauges aren’t working, then you have an instrument cluster issue. Either way, you need the help of a professional to fix the issue.


There you have it for a Chevy Silverado speedometer not working. We have explained the most common causes as well as how to fix them. Do you have any questions? Share them with us in the comments section.

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