Chevy Silverado Dash Lights Not Working: How to Fix

How do you know what is going on in your Chevy Silverado’s engine? Of course, it is through the dashboard. At night, you need the dash lights to come on so that you can view the information on the board.

What if you switched on your car at night and you noticed that the dash lights aren’t coming on? This is a huge cause for concern as you will be driving without the information you need. It means that you cannot see your speedometer readings, the oil pressure readings, and even the fuel and temp gauge readings.

You shouldn’t drive without having a clear view of all of these readings. This is why we put this post together. We will explain the possible problems and how to fix them.

chevy silverado dash lights not working

Chevy Silverado Dash Lights Not Working: Likely Causes and How to Fix

There are several reasons why your dash lights are not working. Sometimes, the lights flicker on and off intermittently. At other times, they are just so dim that you cannot even read what is on the dashboard. The most common scenario is that the dash lights don’t even come on at all.

What is the reason behind each of these scenarios? How do you solve the problem? We will provide answers to these questions in the next few paragraphs.

Dim dash lights

When you notice that your Chevy dash lights are dim, you shouldn’t be so worried. This is because it is a problem that you can fix without external help. There are two major reasons why the dash lights will get dimmer than they should.

The first reason is that the car headlights are affecting the dash lights. This is a very common problem. To be sure that this is the case, switch off your headlights at night. Now, check the dash lights. Did they get brighter? If they did, then you are sure that the headlights are affecting the dash lights.

Another reason why the lights may be dimmer than usual is that you have mistakenly adjusted the dimmer switch. This switch controls the brightness of the dash lights. Locate the dimmer switch and adjust it. If the dash lights get brighter then you have solved the problem.

Sometimes, the dimmer switch may be broken. If this happens, you will need the help of a mechanic to change it. After changing it, you can adjust the brightness of the dash lights to your taste.

Completely dark instrument panel

When the instrument panel is completely dark, it means that the dash lights are out completely. There are several reasons why this may occur. However, you should note that it is more of an electrical problem.

The first culprit to check for is the associated fuse. Every electrical circuit in your Silverado has a fuse as an integral part. Without the fuse, most electrical components of your car will get blown from power surges and wiring issues. The fuse gets blown to protect these components.

Open the fuse box beneath the dashboard just beside the driver. Now, look under the fuse box lid to find the fuse associated with the dash lights. When you find it, check to see if it is in proper condition. If it was out of place, you can fix it back properly. However, if it is broken, you need to replace it.

You must be wondering how you will know that the fuse is blown. A simple visual evaluation is all you need. There is likely to be discoloration on the fuse and the metal wire inside will be broken. If you want to be more thorough, test the fuse with a multimeter.

Another reason why the dash lights will be completely out is wiring problems. The dash lights are part of an electric circuit that is connected by wires. If any of the wires are broken, disconnected, or worn, the lights wouldn’t come on. Speak to your mechanic to help you check the wiring of the system. This way can fix any issues with the wiring and the dash lights can come back on.

A section of the instrument panel stays dark

This issue is more common with older Silverado models. This is because newer models come with instrument panels that are lit by LED lights. The older models make use of incandescent bulbs that can get burnt after a while.

Is one section of your instrument panel dark while the rest remains lit up? Then it is very likely that the bulb in the dark section is burnt. Let’s be honest with you, if you haven’t handled changing these bulbs before now, the process is very tricky. We advise that you seek professional help to get rid of the old bulb and replace it. These bulbs are very affordable.

Flickering dash lights

Most times, you notice that the dash lights are flickering. This could be a cause for concern because, one moment they are on, and the next, they are off. Here’s the truth about this situation.

When the lights on the dashboard are flickering it is not a dash light problem. Instead, it is a sign that you have an underlying issue. It could be that your car battery is low or about to die. Another reason is that the car’s alternator is not in good condition. The alternator is the component that charges your car battery when the engine is running. It also helps to supply electrical power to the electrical components of the car at the same time.

An easy way to know if the alternator is not working is to take out one of the battery terminals. If the car engine shuts down, then the alternator is not working. You can also use a scanner to check the condition of the battery and the engine. Once the alternator is bad, you need to replace it.


Now, you know the reasons why your Chevy Silverado dash lights are not working. We have also shown you what to do in each situation. But if you still can’t find a solution after trying all the tips we shared in this post, you might want to consult an expert.

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