Chevy Silverado Blower Motor Not Working: How to Fix

It can be pretty annoying and frustrating when you need your heater or AC to work and it isn’t. One of the major reasons why this happens is that your Chevy Silverado blower motor is not working. What do you do when this occurs?

In this post, we will look at the possible reasons why the blower motor is not working. We will also explain several ways to solve the problem. Ready? Let’s get started.

chevy silverado blower motor not working

How Does Your Car’s Blower Motor Work?

It is important to know how the blower motor works before discussing why the motor is not working. As you can tell, the blower motor is a very important component of your car’s HVAC system. This component is responsible for circulating the cool or hot air produced in the HVAC system.

If the blower motor stops working, the AC or heater will work, but you wouldn’t feel the effects. It is very important to fix this as soon as possible to avoid more complicated issues. In the next section, we will look at the possible causes of the problem and how to fix them.

Chevy Silverado Blower Motor Not Working: Possible Causes and How to Fix

Your Chevy Silverado blower motor helps to blow air into every necessary duct in the HVAC system. There are several reasons why this component may stop working. In this section, we will discuss the most common reasons why the blower motor develops problems.

Resistor Module

The resistor module is one of the components of the blower fan. This component is prone to get overheated. Sometimes, it overheats so much that it melts. When this happens, your Chevy Silverado blower motor stops working.

In other cases, instead of the blower motor stopping work, it gets stuck in a single position. It is mostly stuck in the “ON” position. As a result, it will never go off until you fix the resistor module.

To locate the resistor module in your Chevy Silverado, check behind the fuse box. It is usually, located beneath the dash compartment on the driver’s side. Ensure that you conduct a thorough visual evaluation of the resistor module. If it is burnt or melted, then you have to replace it. After fixing this, the blower motor should start working properly. If it doesn’t, then you should try any of the other options below.

Blown Fuse

Another very common issue that affects the blower motor is the fuse. Fuses are very important to the running of every electronic component of your car. They help to protect these components against power surges due to electrical faults. In the process, the fuse gets blown. Once it is blown, the associated component stops working.

As we mentioned above, the fuse box in your Chevy Silverado is located just beneath the dash on the driver’s side. Open the fuse box and check beneath the lid to see the fuse map. This map will help you to locate the fuse associated with the blower motor.

When you find the fuse, check to see if it is out of position or blown. If it is out of position, putting it back properly will get the blower motor working again. However, if it is blown, you will see discoloration in the internal part of the fuse. Simply replace the fuse and the motor will start working again.

Switch Selector Issues

Most people wonder why the fan selector switches just go bad. The truth is that they are very similar to the door lock and window switches. As such, it is very easy for them to get bad especially from wear and tear.

What happens when the switch selector is having issues? It does not trigger the expected action even if the rest of the system is functioning normally. Asides from wear and tear, another thing that affects the switch selector is debris and dust.

To locate the switch selector, check just behind your dashboard. When you find it, ensure that you inspect every contact point to be sure that they aren’t dirty or corroded. If they are, you just need to clean them up and the component will assume normal function. Sometimes, the switch selector may be damaged. In this case, you have to replace it to get your blower motor working as it should.

Wiring Issues

It is almost impossible to discuss problems with an electric component of your Chevy Silverado without mentioning wiring. Each component is powered by an electric circuit that is connected using wires. If the wires are broken, destroyed, or disconnected, then the blower motor will not work.

You need professional help to check the wiring if you do not have previous experience. The mechanic has to open up the area around the blower motor to inspect the wiring. This will include the connections to every component of the electric circuit that powers the blower motor.

Some wires may get damaged from wear and tear. Once they touch a metal part of the chassis, the circuit gets broken. The mechanic has to run tapes around such wires or replace them. In other cases, the wires may just be disconnected. Simply reconnect the wires and the blower motor will begin working again.

Bad sockets

If you have checked the wiring and everything is intact, you should also check the sockets. Most times, they may be the cause of the problem. Sockets could get burned, damaged, broken, dirty, or corroded. Whatever the case is, a simple visual evaluation should give a clear indication of the problem.

If the socket is dirty or corroded, all it needs is cleaning, and it will back to normal. However, if it is broken, damaged, or burned, you have to replace it. Don’t worry, sockets are pretty cheap so you shouldn’t spend so much.

Dead blower motor

After you have checked everything above and the blower motor is still not working, there is just one conclusion. The blower motor is dead. All you have to do, in this case, is to replace the blower motor.


Great! You now know why your Chevy Silverado Blower Motor is not working. We have also shown you how to fix the problem. However, if you’re unable to fix the problem on your own, you might want to consult an auto expert.