Toyota Tacoma Won’t Start (No Click): Causes and Fixes

Owning a car is one thing, while maintenance and fixing of technical problems is quite another. If you experience a no-click-no-start with your Toyota Tacoma, several factors might be the cause.

However, since technical problems are a common feature with all automobiles, issues like the car refusing to start with no click or crank is an infrequent problem with the Toyota Tacoma. Regardless, there are common causes of such problems and ways to resolve them. This post will highlight the causes and effective fixing techniques to resolve these issues.

toyota tacoma wont start

Why Your Toyota Tacoma Refuses to Start (or Produce a Click)

When dealing with car-related problems, your Toyota Tacoma may refuse to start for several reasons. This section will be revealing the major causes why you don’t hear a click and why your car refuses to start.

Electrical faults

Some car owners may be ignorant of this, but a vehicle requires electricity to run and to be fully operated (especially to start). When there is no electrical current flowing between the starter, ignition coil, and spark plug, the car will be unresponsive.

The large percentage of problems related to your Toyota Tacoma not starting (with no clicks) has to do with electrical faults. Here then is what to do:

Battery issues

In cases of failure to start or lack of clicks, one of the foremost causes is the battery. The battery level has a lot to do with the vehicle’s response. If your Tacoma’s battery is completely drained or has very little juice left, the vehicle will not start. To check the battery level in a lame man’s way is by turning on the headlights. If they don’t turn on or are very dim, then your battery is low.

Battery terminal connector problems

This is a slightly common problem. In the event of faulty connectors for your battery, lugs are sometimes involved (if oxidized or loose due to time). The entire wiring must be properly set up, or a no-click-no-start situation will arise.

Fuse issues

If you know very little about automobile engineering, you might need a professional technician to diagnose and fix this problem. Blown fuses are not a common cause, but they are a cause. The fuse underneath the hood for the ignition coil and fuel injectors needs to be properly inspected since they could be the problem.

Starter problems

Problems with the starter motor of your Tacoma will result in a no-click-no-start. The major cause of this problem is poor contact with the electrical current. Starters are essential for a car to start and run.

Mechanical faults

This is a major problem that could make your Toyota Tacoma unresponsive. Some factors include:

Spark plugs

Spark plugs are basically the detonators of the entire car-starting process. If your Tacoma’s spark plug is dirty, loose, or old, your car will not start when the ignition key is turned. The spark produced by the spark plug will be absent, thereby leaving the engine idle.

Insufficient airflow

Clogged or blocked air filters prevent air from entering into the engine where it is mixed with fuel and ignited. The absence of sufficient air in the process makes the car refuse to start. It is considered rare but it is a serious problem once observed.

No fuel/poor fuel supply

This is a common cause of the car’s failure to start. Lack of fuel in the tank will definitely cause the entire engine not to pick up when the key is turned because there is no mixture with the flowing air for ignition in the engine. Poor or inadequate supply will also lead to such problems. When the pipe channeling the fuel is damaged, supply will be shortened or halted.

Note that fuel-related problems can also be from the fuel’s quality. The type of fuel used in the vehicle might be substandard or badly processed, leading to engine problems.

Poor engine maintenance

When the engine needs servicing or oil change, the dashboard indicates this. Engine failure could also result when you consistently ignore dashboard warnings over a long period of time. The cause of total engine failure can be when the grease and coolant supply fails.

Ways to Fix your Toyota Tacoma if it doesn’t Start

Fixing a no-click-no-start issue on your Toyota Tacoma can prove challenging for persons with little knowledge of automobiles. However, this section will give common ways to resolve the issue.

  • Check that the battery is well connected; check the battery cables for corrosion, since this can affect the working of the cable.
  • Clean the air filter if it is blocked or clogged with carbon debris. You will need to continuously watch the air filter in your Tacoma for built-up carbon debris.
  • In cases of bad or low battery, replacement might be best. However, some batteries are rechargeable. Visit the garage of a reputable electrical/mechanic workshop to get your Tacoma battery refilled.
  • Check that the starter is well connected; the motor must contact well before it can be fully operational.
  • Check that your fuel pipes are not leaking.
  • Check the fuel level of your vehicle.
  • Observe the fuel you purchase; some stations might sell diluted fuels in order to gain more profit, which will in turn cause damages to your vehicle.
  • Ensure that you have a clean and well-connected spark plug.
  • Visit an engineer for assistance.

Car troubles are extremely frustrating, especially when you are in a hurry. However, the causes of problems related to the Toyota Tacoma refusing to start are simply preventable. Maintain proper servicing of the engine and entire car component.

Most of the time, a light indicator will be displayed on the dashboard to alert you of certain issues or potential threats to your car’s condition. If you experience the problem of a no-start in your Tacoma, simply use the listed techniques to get your Toyota Tacoma up and running again.