Honda Fit Wiper Blades Size Chart (2007 – 2024)

Are you in the market for new wiper blades for your Honda Fit? If you are, then you just picked the right article. Most drivers have no idea that they should check the size of their car’s wiper blades before replacing them.

When you don’t buy wiper blades of the right size, you stand a chance of damaging the blades you purchase. If they don’t get damaged, they may not perform optimally. Either way, it ends up as a waste of money.

We don’t want that to happen and so we decided to share the wiper blade sizes of Honda Fit models with you. Scroll through to see the blade sizes from the latest model to the oldest.

honda fit wiper blade size chart

2021 Honda Fit Wiper Blades Size

2020 Honda Fit Wiper Blades Size

2019 Honda Fit Wiper Blades Size

2018 Honda Fit Wiper Blades Size

2017 Honda Fit Wiper Blades Size

2016 Honda Fit Wiper Blades Size

2015 Honda Fit Wiper Blades Size

2014 Honda Fit Wiper Blades Size

2013 Honda Fit Wiper Blades Size

2012 Honda Fit Wiper Blades Size

2011 Honda Fit Wiper Blades Size

2010 Honda Fit Wiper Blades Size

2009 Honda Fit Wiper Blades Size

2008 Honda Fit Wiper Blades Size

2007 Honda Fit Wiper Blades Size

Tips for Maintaining Your Wiper Blades

Your Honda Fit wiper blades are one of its most affordable components. They are also among the most replaced components of your car. This is because they wear out pretty quickly and you need them at their best to see properly in bad weather.

Even though they aren’t so costly, you still shouldn’t spend on replacing them every few weeks. With a few tips, you can keep your wiper blades lasting for longer periods. Here are a few tips to help you out:

Lift your wiper blades when there is snow

Snow can reduce the lifespan of your wiper blades. When you are not driving and it is snowing, you should lift the wiper blades off the windshield. Why do you need to do this?

As the snow melts, it could get around the blades and freeze into films of ice again. This makes the rubber on the blades tear off when you switch on the system. That rubber is what does the actual work of cleaning your windshield.

Lift the blades while scraping ice off your windshield

Most drivers make the mistake of leaving their wipers down when scraping ice off their windshields. What happens when you do this? The edges of your scraper are sharp and they could catch the rubber on the edge of the wiper blade.

When this happens, they cause damage to the rubber. The smallest nicks on the rubber make them lose their efficacy. Now, imagine, when they are torn by the edges of your scraper.

Never use your wiper blades dry

The windshield appears smooth and friction-free. However, it has several grooves and bumps that you cannot see. Without some water spray on the windshield first, these bumps and grooves will damage the rubber on the blades. You will even hear a squeaky noise when the wiper moves over the windshield when it isn’t wet.

Clean the blades regularly

Always ensure that your wiper blades are cleaned frequently. You can clean them with washer fluid. This rids the blades of debris and dirt that may cling to them during movement. When you do this, you also protect your windshield as well.